Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nurses' Do's and Don’ts

The Dos:

  1. When doing documentation, it is important to write legibly. The information you are writing isn’t only for your personal reference. It is for other nurse’s/doctor’s use as well because it is a hospital record. Make it a habit to write in a way that others may understand your handwriting.
  2. Charting is one of the most important tasks a nurse does in a day. It is highly advisable to do it with great precision. There are times it can get repetitive but if you know the hospital’s software pretty well, do it as fast and accurate as you could. This saves you from getting bored. You can still finish more tasks which you are more interested at.
  3. Although there are times it is difficult to tell your patients their real situation, it is important that you’re honest with them. In cases you need to make another round of injection (which most patients are afraid of), tell them that it indeed hurt but you’ll do it as fast so they won’t feel the pain at all.
  4. It is important to be organized at all times. This enables you to have a clear mind, to think with more focus. A nurse should be able to put medicines, tools and equipments in their proper places. This will help your co-workers find things faster whenever needed.
  5. It is important to muster how certain procedures are done such as performing physical examinations, interpreting X-ray results and other laboratory tests, and counseling patients on the things to do. People’s health/life is at stake therefore, a nurse should be very well aware of the right things to do.
  6. A nurse should be able to manage time properly. It is important to exercise being prompt all the time, especially when administering medications. There are certain medications which can achieve better results when medication is done at the required time.
  7. A nurse on duty must always exercise accuracy. He/She must be certain on details like who to provide medication to, what medication to give and when to give it. If required to make a solution on the said medication, he/she must also do it with great precision.

The Dont’s:

  1. When doing documentation, do not just erase any information with any kind of eraser. You must utilize the hospital’s subscribed way or erasing or deleting details.
  2. Do not forge someone else’s signature. It may cause you your job or your co-worker’s if proven. Even when you think that there is really no harm on putting a forged initial, you will never know what sort of emergency will happen soon.
  3. When doing physical examination/ tests, don’t use inappropriate description such as “button-like scar”. Instead, use an appropriate description of its measurements such as its actual measurement in centimeter or milliliter.
  4. Do not bad mouth co-workers to patients. It gives a negative image to the hospital where you are working at.

These are just few of the many things which nurses are supposed to do and avoid. When you had yourself familiar on the dos and don’ts of the hospital, you are making yourself more equipped and more knowledgeable altogether.

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