Monday, August 15, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Start a Pharmacy Technician Career

Are you planning to start a pharmacy technician career in the healthcare industry? Let’s see what are the top ten reasons you should commence this particular career. 

1. Ideal income
Currently the average salary of pharmacy technicians ranges from USD8.50 per hour (junior position) to USD17.65 per hour (senior position) and the salary is expected to increase another 15% to 30% by the year of 2012. The average annual salary for a fresh graduates starts from USD 35, 000. It shows that this profession generates lucrative income. 

2. Career advancement opportunities
Pharmacy technicians have indeed a very bright future as they can have better career advancement opportunities such as pharmacists, chemo therapy technician and nuclear pharmacy technician, etc. They can further their studies by pursuing “niche” courses in order to be experts in the particular field.

3. Good employment trend with high demand in job market
According to the statistics currently, 82% of the graduates who have passed through the pharmacy technician certification exam are able to get a job right after they complete their education in either government sector or private sector.

4. Certified pharmacy technicians are recognized internationally
For those who possess the qualification of certified pharmacy technicians from internationally recognized universities and colleges and those who have gone through the pharmacy technician certification exam are able to get a job easily in any country in the world with good pay.
5. Contribute to the society
Pharmacy technicians can enjoy the good feeling of assisting people in need in health care and make their contribution to the community.

6. Pharmacy Technician career is an interesting job
As pharmacy technicians, they have a wide variety of responsibilities in their daily activities and their work is not repetitive. The job is very interesting and full of challenges.

7. Good working environment
Pharmacy technicians normally work at hospitals, clinics, drug stores, health care product shops, grocery stores and public shopping areas. The atmosphere in all these places is generally clean, comfortable and friendly. The working environment is pretty good.

8. It is indeed a professional career
Pharmacy technicians are ranked as “professionals” in health care industry and they are highly required in hospitals and retail pharmacies

9. Better business opportunities
As pharmacy technicians have the chance to gain wide working experience and learn A to Z in operating drug stores and pharmacies, they can venture into pharmaceutical business to be their own boss 

10. Self satisfaction
Since pharmacy technicians need proficiency at specific skills, they have great self satisfaction after completing their tasks as their tasks need high attention and concentration

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