Monday, May 23, 2011


Bamenda, Cameroon

Formerly called the St Louis Higher Institute of Health, we changed our name and status to the
University Institute as we brace up to start professional bachelor programmes under the strict
supervision and guidance of the University of Buea come October 2011.
We are strictly into the health business sector.
It is what we know best and master to our finger tips. That is why we are the best and most
elaborate school for the training of paramedical staff in Cameroon. We are the reference not by
accident but by design. It has taken us time, planning, demonstration, evaluation, ingenuity and
sacrifice to be the number one in Cameroon. We follow the rules and we listen to advice and
positive criticism from our mentors. H.E. Cardinal Tumi taught our students that to succeed, we
need to work hard, like work that is well done, have self-discipline, have intellectual honesty,
respect nature and PRAY. We are specific and direct in our action. All our objectives are
measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. We put the success and interest of the youth and
our nation first on our agenda. We know our strength and opportunities. We grow them. We
know our weaknesses and we do our best to correct them.

What makes us tick is the difference we manifest daily.
We operate on Kingdom Principles. We know the nature of God. We are in his nature and we
work with the understanding of that nature. We operate from that platform. God is LOVE, LIFE,
TRUTH, SPIRIT, SOUL, INTELLIGENCE and PRINCIPLE. To beat us at our game, you must
work in this light and understanding. Short of this we remain the head and never the tail.

Our students know the value of character and good attitude.
They understand what customer service is all about. Integrity, honesty and self-discipline are
issues they appreciate and hold closest to their hearts. They dream it, live it and work it daily. It
becomes second nature to anything and anybody related in one way or another with St Louis. It is
the spirit of change starting with the mindsets. That is why St Louis is here to change our nation
positively because our students who are infiltrating the Cameroonian health sector like ants are
taking a different attitude to Cameroon and other nations. Excellence and rectitude is our trade
mark. Watch us, stay with us, join us, support us, bless us. Say something nice about us to
anybody, anywhere and anytime. If it is negative, tell us first so that we can have a chance to
change where necessary and possible. We love you.


This academic year, there are 880 students enrolled for 2010/2011 divided in six departments
namely: Pharmacy Technology, Nursing, Medical Lab Sciences, Dental Therapy, Physiotherapy,
and Radiology-Ultrasonography. Students come in with A Levels or BACC and do not have to
write any competitive examination (etude de dossiers) and train for three years to obtain the
HPD/DSEP. Higher Professional Diploma issued by the Ministry of Higher Education. A subset
of students that are sent to us by the Ministry of Public Health for training are selected by
‘concour’ organized by that ministry. They also obtain a second diploma issued by the Ministry
of Public Health.


We are starting professional Bachelor programmes in six areas. Training will last one year and
three months. Students study at St Louis for one year and sit for their examinations organised and
supervised by the University of Buea. In the second phase, they go out for three months of
intensive practical training in different hospital settings in our nation and beyond. They are given
an attestation to cover this practical period. They then are ready to conquer the world because
they have the tools and ability to deliver on their promises. They would be practical and
productive, using their heads and hands and not tell you stories. That is their legacy.

The fields of training include: B.Tech. Physiotherapy, B.Tech. Medical Lab Sciences, B.Tech.
Hospital Management, B.Tech. Community Dentistry.

Also envisaged to start at the same time as we continue our negotiations with the University of
Buea would be Bachelor in Nursing, B. Tech. Radiology-Ultrasonography.


Students most have successfully completed a minimum of three years study in the appropriate
field they wish to get into in a recognised higher institute or university setting to be admitted.
The Hospital Management course is open to all forms of university degrees and professional
training backgrounds. It gives students prowling our streets the opportunity to convert to
professionals in one year three months of intense training at St Louis. This is the opportunity you
have been waiting for. At St Louis, we help you to be part of the 25,000 job opportunities that
government has put at the disposal of youths. You cannot be part of it if you are not a
professional. The writing is on the wall and those who can read it, make hay while the sun shines.
Fees for degree programmes are 500,000frs (€760/$1075). 50,000 frs is paid separately as
practical levies for three months which are forwarded to partnering hospitals. Fees for HPD
programmes are 350.000frs per year. There are some extras for different expenditures

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