Sunday, May 1, 2011

Physio Seminar

St Louis students
The Cameroon society of Physiotherapists had a seminar on Saturday 30th April 2011 at the General hospital of Bamenda. this seminar was on the topic CARPAL TUNNEL syndrome, a disease affecting the medial nerve.
And  guess what, St Louis Students were there!!!!! Yes they were there, and with their presence, they proved that St Louis is a school to "talk about".
In this seminar, there were people like the President of the Cameroon society of Physiotherapists and his staff, and physiotherapists from the national triangle.
family picture
Some students also came from UDM in the West Region and we had some ideas to exchange among us. Although the seminar was Mainly in english, the St Louis students who are from a francophone bacground had no difficulties with it, unlike the other colleagues from UDM who were purely french speaking. This is one of the best thing in St Louis, where students become Bilingual when they have finished their training.
St Louis students with UDM students

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