Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seven Misconceptions About What A Physiotherapist Does

Physiotherapists are licensed professionals who have completed a bachelor’s or a master’s degree and are specialized in treating various kinds of disorders, pain and injuries. They make use of various treatment procedures and dedicated physiotherapy equipments to care for their patients and bring back normal functionality at the injured site. Easily said, physiotherapists utilize prompt restorative therapy for complete recovery.
Many people have misconceptions about what a physiotherapist does.
  1. One such myth is that a visit to physiotherapist can be very painful. Although many people think that visiting a physiotherapist can be a painful experience, you will only feel temporary soreness after you have done some exercise and manual treatments. Although this article was originally written for Toronto physiotherapy clinics, keep in mind that the treatment procedure you will follow at any physiotherapy clinic shouldn’t make your condition worse.
  2. A second misconception is that you need to consult doctor before you visit a physiotherapist. Bearing in mind that most people think that it is essential to seek advice from a doctor, you do not need a doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist, only to utilize your insurance (depending on the province you live in). It is advisable to carry all the medical reports to your appointment, if you have visited a doctor before visiting your physiotherapist.
  3. A third myth is physiotherapists prescribe medicines. Some people do have a notion that a physiotherapist’s job involves prescribing medicines, which is entirely untrue since a physiotherapist is not a doctor. They will never prescribe you medicine for treating your injury. When you meet a physiotherapist, you will realize it is not always necessary to have medicine in order to heal your injury.
  4. A fourth myth people ask is why go for physiotherapy, when self-healing can solve my injury. Sure it is true that our body has the ability to heal on its own but many times it also requires help from physiotherapy to heal the injury at a faster rate. For instance, an injured knee may heal naturally but it may take several weeks to restore normal functionality. With physiotherapy, normal functionality can be achieved in reasonably less time. It will also help in reducing long-term problems.
  5. Myth number five is physiotherapists are fitness advisers. Simply put a fitness adviser and physiotherapist are two different professions. A physiotherapist is only concerned with the problem that you are facing at the affected site and find solution for healing it. They are not general fitness advisers whom you can ask tips about staying fit.
  6. An incorrect thought is physiotherapists are only meant for athletes and sports professionals. It is entirely untrue all people, including athletes, can encounter injury and disorders. Physiotherapists provide their service to everyone. The misconception ‘physiotherapists are only meant for athletes and sports professionals’ has resulted because we have often seen athletes and sports players having personal physiotherapists to treat injuries.
  7. Our last myth is that physiotherapy and massage therapy are the same. This is wrong, physiotherapy involves various types of therapy such as heat therapy, ice therapy, acupuncture, laser therapy, manual therapy, etc. One of such component is massage therapy.
At your physiotherapy appointment have a positive mind and you will surely find a good solution to quickly heal your injury.
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